We got lucky. Though there are still 200,000 homes in New Hampshire without power, ours came back on today.

Thought the power surge blew the power supply/motherboard in my Media Center PC 🙁

I got concerned email from Microsoft (Thanks Natalie & ScottGu) and from local friends (thanks Ron & Jon) and friend as far away as Iran (thanks Armin)

So, I’ll be back up to speed by tomorrow.

So… The damage.

  • $1000 for Generator, gas, extension cords, batteries,  and ancillary gear.
  • $ ??? – For a replacement computer
  • 11 impressive bruises from falling down a full icey flight of stairs in the dark 🙂

It’s amazing what we take for granted.

Since there are still so many local families without services, we’ve opened up our home to a couple of local families to come stay until their own power is back.

Many thanks to all for your interest!