Before coming to Microsoft I owned a consulting company that specialized in solving performance and scalability problems in web applications.

It always amazed me how many seeming huge problems could be solved with a little strategic caching implementation.

Alachisoft’s NCache is a PREMIER provider of advanced caching technology for ASP.NET.

Though ASP.NET has caching functionality built in, NCache can help you take caching in your application to the next level.

Here are some of the NEW features.

  • Dashboard Style Monitoring Tool: With this tool, you can now monitor all aspects of your cache and application live. You get a dashboard which can be customized according to your monitoring needs.
  • LINQ Support: NCache now provides LINQ integration with IQueryable interface that makes cached items searchable.
  • Entity Framework (EF) Caching: Now you can do seamless integration with EF caching. Plug in at the ADO level and use NCache caching without any code changes.
  • .NET Cache Provider 4.0: Integration with .NET Cache provider 4.0 – with Change Monitors (file based, key based, database dependency) for managing cache dependencies.
  • Streaming API: With streaming support in the API, now you can read and write binary data stream in the cache.
  • Multiple Providers for ReadThru/WriteThru: Develop multiple ReadThru/WriteThru providers and register with NCache. You can use a specific provider from each of your application..
  • Dynamic ReadThru/WriteThru Deployment: Use NCache Manager to deploy your ReadThru/WriteThru handlers even at runtime. Your assemblies are automatically copied to all the cache servers.
  • Runtime Compact Serialization (no programming needed): Use a faster and more compact serialization than regular .NET serialization and without writing any custom code for it. NCache generated serialization code at runtime and even lets you serialize objects that are otherwise not serializable.
  • ViewState Caching: Cache ViewState at your web server and reduce the payload being returned to the browser and speed up response time.
  • Merge & Minify Javascript/CSS: Minify and merge multiple JavaScript files. This reduces the payload sent to the browser and also the number of HTTP calls the browser makes to the web server. The results is faster response time.
  • Protocol-level Backward Compatibility for Clients: NCache 3.8 offers protocol-level backward compatibility from now on. This means any future upgrades would be 100% backward compatible at protocol-level.
  • Remote Client Management from NCache Manager: Configure Remote Clients from NCache Manager and easily change individual client settings all from a single point.

One of the especially cool things about NCache is the FREE Express version (Limited to 2-server clusters with local clients) – this lets you prove your strategy before spending anything but time 🙂

You can get started by going to