I often want something between Visual Studio and NotePad 🙂

ActivieState makes some GREAT software and I recently installed Komodo 5 (I’m a longtime Komodo user)

I especially use it or Python, Perl, and various script dialects !

Some of the new stuff as described on the Komodo web page…

  • Shared code: With new support for the Git, Mercurial (hg), and Bazaar distributed version control systems (or the already supported Subversion, Perforce, and CVS), you can share your code with whichever SCC system you choose. And smart cross-SCC system checkout wizardry makes it easier to get to work on shared repositories.Shared beauty: Consistent formatting improves code readability and maintainability in a team. Easily hook external code formatting tools (like PHP Beautifier, Perltidy, and astyle) into Komodo IDE 5.0 or add tighter integration via an extension.
  • Shared speed: Komodo IDE 5.0 is now built on the Mozilla 1.9 codebase (the same codebase as Firefox 3) and Python 2.6, so it’s speedier, prettier (particularly the more native look on OS X), and has new features to aid in stability.And more, of course: Like multiple top-level windows, slicker UIs for tabs and sidebars…. Check out the Komodo IDE 5.0 documentation for all the details.

    [ If you click HERE you can get a free trial. ]