Hi folks! I’m posting this from the PDC09 keynote where I’m listening to Don Box show off Azure !

For web developers, I prepared 30 “Quick Hit” videos on stuff that’s new in the latest wave for ASP.NET Develoeprs.

It’s far from a complete list, and they are not meant to be real tutorials (They are NOT How-Do-I videos).

Think of them as “feature previews” with more learning based material coming in the near fututr.

Here is a partial list.

Have fun



ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – New Rendering Option for Check Box Lists and Radio Button Lists

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Persistent GridView Row Selection

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Table Free Templated Controls

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Easy State Compression

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Tableless Menu Control

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Imperative JavaScript Syntax for Microsoft Client Side Controls

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – The ScriptLoader

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – jQuery Syntax for Microsoft Ajax

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – AJAX Data Templates

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Hidden Field Divs

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Disabled Control Styling

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Declarative WebForms Routing

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Outbound WebForms Routing

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Auto Start

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Clean Web.Config Files

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Predictable Client IDs

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – Selective View State

ASP.NET 4 "Quick Hit" – The HtmlEncoder Utility Method



Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – Code Search View Hierarchy

Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – IntelliSense Smart Lists

Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – Multi-Monitor Support

Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – New Web Project Template

Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – New Multi-Targeting

Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – Websites Instead of Web Projects

Visual Studio 2010 "Quick Hit" – Snippets IntelliSense