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A year and a half ago I changed my domain name from to

There were a number of influences that predicated this change and one day I’ll write the whole story (but not in the near future :) )

My server log analysis shows that I still get TONS of inbound links for the domain name

I never really liked the MSjoe idea, but it was necessary at the time so…. is BACK. In fact both domain names will continue to work. ALL links and RSS feeds will still work.

If you didn’t notice, good. I got it right.

Building a Training Calendar Application

I spent some time with the VP of an interesting company recently.

The company is pretty good size (several hundred million dollars in revenue and many hundreds of employees).

The company sells products, services, and training. The training segment of the business represents a very small percentage of the actual corporate revenue but is a key strategy in the company’s brand identity, customer satisfaction strategy and instrumental in the supporting the sales of products and services.

Historically the company has run a successful training operation but not done an optimal job at synergizing the operations.

Lake most companies, they have many disparate systems (AR, CRM, ERP, etc.)

The problem seemed so interesting top me that I thought I’d use it as the basis for a sample application oversize.

Phase #1 will be implementing the basic data handling features for a training company.

  • Each course will be given many times a year.
  • Each course instance can be given at multiple locations.
  • Each location has different facilities.
  • Each course is part of a curriculum and must be organizational by that identity.
  • Each course has prerequisites and requirements.
  • Each course may be given by multiple instructors and instructor identical is an index.
The following is a Viso draft of the schema. (Click to see the full size image.)

As I get ready to begin implementation, please make any comments and feature suggestions below.

Weekly Links– 2010_25 (50 for Web Devs & Other Geeks)

Software Developer Links of the Week.
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Podcast – Damian Edwards, Program Manager Web Tools & Platforms

Damain is a Program Manager Microsoft’s ASP.NET team and is responsible for WebForms and the WebForms Developer Experience

In this episode I talk with Damain about the future of WebForms and it’s evolution, the inflewence of DynamicData on WebForms, code generation for ASP.NET WebForms and more.




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