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Introducing – TailspinSpyworks – WebForms Sample Application


iBuySpy was a very popular sample application, but a lot has changed in Web Forms development since then.

ScottGu suggested that I rewrite the old iBuySpy application – so I did.

It’s ASP.NET 4 with CSS based layout, data access via Entity Framework, etc.

The landing page is here

I’ll be adding features over time and doing videos to explain some of the cool stuff.

You can download the code from CodePlex at

For you MVC folks, my team mate (Jon Galloway) has built a sample MVC Store application which you can find here :


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First 3 ASP.NET MVC for the Rest of Us Videos

Folks have been asking me for some time to do some ASP.NET MVC videos 

Here are the first three. They start from the beginning and frequently compare ASP.NET MVC with concepts that you may already be familiar with from WebForms programming.

Enjoy! More to come.

ASP.NET MVC For the Rest of Us: Part 1

37 minutes

ASP.NET MVC For the Rest of Us: Part 2

31 minutes

ASP.NET MVC For the Rest of Us: Part 3

16 minutes


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Join me on MSDN Radio next Monday – Mark your calendar.


MSDN Radio: The ASP.NET Developer Evolved with Joe Stagner

Event ID: 1032448575


Date: Monday, April 12, 2010 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) 30 Minutes


Event Overview

You may know him as Mr. How Do I with Microsoft ASP.NET. For the last few years Joe has been busy working with the ASP.NET product team to simplify and educate developers on what’s possible with the latest web tools. We talk with Joe about how the web developer is able to learn about and leverage new tools and techniques for building great solutions.
MSDN Radio is a weekly Developer talk-show that helps answer your questions about the latest Microsoft news, solutions, and technologies. We dive into the challenges of deciphering today’s technology stack. Register today and have a chance to call-in and talk with the experts on the air, or just tune in to the show.
Caller space is limited, dial-in information will be given out during the show.

Presenters: Mike Benkovich, Senior Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation and Joe Stagner, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Mike Benkovich delivers technical presentations around the U.S. as a developer tools evangelist on the MSDN team at Microsoft. He has worked in a variety of professional roles, including architect, project manager, developer, and technical writer. Mike is also a published author with WROX Press and APress, exploring how developers get the most from their SQL databases. Since appearing in the 1994 Microsoft DevCast, Mike has presented technical information at seminars, conferences, and corporate boardrooms across America.

Joe Stagner works at Microsoft with the Developer Tools and Platforms team and as spent almost ten years at Microsoft working with the developer community. With three decades of software development experience, Joe is well versed in the needs of all types of software developers and in recent years has focused on all aspects of web development technology and the use of the world wide web for business and social interaction. In addition to Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology Joe focuses on integrating .NET with third part technology like PHP, Java, etc. You can read his blog at

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