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eBook 51 Tips, Tricks and Recipes with jQuery and ASP.NET Controls


 I found this cool eBook and wanted to share it with you all since jQuery is. more and more, become a common part of the ASP.NET Development experience.

The book includes…

· 51 Tips, Tricks and Recipes with jQuery and ASP.NET Controls eBook (PDF)

· Entire Source Code of the eBook

· Cross Browser Scripts – tested on IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 3, Chrome 2, Safari 4

· Common code that runs on ASP.NET Pages, Master Pages, and in most cases, HTML pages too.

You can read the table of contents [ HERE ]

YOU can buy the ebook [ HERE ]

ASP.NET 4 Beta 2 – New Version, New Docs, New MSDN Site !

We’ve been BUSY !

ASP.NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 was released to MSDN Subscribers earlier this week.

General availability is scheduled for tomorrow !

Read the announcement [ HERE ] with an overview about the new SKUs and features or go straight to the download [ HERE ].

Check out the new look !!!!


You’ll find the documentation at the MSN web site [ HERE ] and when you do, you’ll see that the Server & Tools On Line team has been busy improving the MSDN site experience.



There is a TON of new stuff and I’ve built a list of potential topics for new content that I’m building. I though it might be useful if I shared that list here so …..

DIG IN !!!

Core Services   

    Web.config File Minification   
    Extensible Output Caching   
    Auto-Start Web Applications   
    Permanently Redirecting a Page   
    The Incredible Shrinking Session State   
    Expanding the Range of Allowable URLs   
    Extensible Request Validation
    Object Caching and Object Caching Extensibility
    Extensible HTML, URL, and HTTP Header Encoding   
    Performance Monitoring for Individual Applications in a Single Worker Process   

New Features in ASP.NET AJAX 4  

    Client Template Rendering   
    Instantiating Behaviors and Controls Declaratively   
    Live Data Binding   
    Using the Observer Pattern with JavaScript Objects and Arrays   
    The DataView Control   
    The AdoNetServiceProxy Class   
    The DataContext and AdoNetDataContext Classes   
    Refactoring the Microsoft AJAX Framework Libraries   
    The DOM Ready Event   
    Using JSONP to Retrieve Cross-Domain Data

Web Forms  

    Setting Meta Tags with the Page.MetaKeywords and Page.MetaDescription Properties   
    Enabling View State for Individual Controls   
    Changes to Browser Capabilities   
    Routing in ASP.NET 4   
    Setting Client IDs   
    Persisting Row Selection in Data Controls   
    ASP.NET Chart Control   
    Filtering Data with the QueryExtender Control   
    Html Encoded Code Expressions   
    Project Template Changes   
    CSS Improvements   
    Hiding div Elements Around Hidden Fields   
    Rendering an Outer Table for Templated Controls   
    ListView Control Enhancements   
    CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList Control Enhancements   
    Menu Control Improvements   
    Wizard and CreateUserWizard Controls   

    Areas Support

    Data-Annotation Attribute Validation Support
    Templated Helpers

Dynamic Data

    Enabling Dynamic Data for Existing Projects   
    Declarative DynamicDataManager Control Syntax   
    Entity Templates   
    New Field Templates for URLs and E-mail Addresses   
    Creating Links with the DynamicHyperLink Control   
    Support for Inheritance in the Data Model   
    Support for Many-to-Many Relationships (Entity Framework Only)   
    New Attributes to Control Display and Support Enumerations   
    Enhanced Support for Filters   

Visual Studio 2010 Web Designer Improvements   

    Improved CSS Compatibility   
    HTML and JScript Snippets   
    JScript IntelliSense Enhancements   
    Web Application Deployment with Visual Studio 2010   
    Web Packaging   
    Web.config Transformation   
    Database Deployment   
    One-Click Publish for Web Applications   

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Man there is just SO MUCH to learn in .NET 4.0 !!!!!


2009-10-13 16-15-10.188 - Copy

Sharing a tiny career milestone.

Working at Microsoft has been GREAT. I’ve been here for 8 years.

But it’s hard too.

For a decade before I joined Microsoft, I ran the show. Here, I’m just a peon, and not being on campus often means not being “inside” which creates several barriers to success. 

There is the politics, the constant org changes, the haters spanning your blog, the travel. (Not to mention the cut in pay 🙂

Today I had a bit of a cool thing happen.

Last night I installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 – which I’m VERY excited about.

Today I fired it up to start working on some new videos and the top item in the “Latest News” page was an item about my latest video. 

Trivial, i know, but my spirits valued thy boost !!

2 New Videos Published on


The first shows how ASP.NET helps you understand and easily defend against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in your Web Applications. This one has a REAL WORLD example of DOM Injection based hijacking attacks.

Note that Script Injection is the OWASP #1 vulnerability.


The second video, is a light introduction to programming with LINQ and compares simple data access between ADO.NET and LINQ from a developer experience perspective.

Next I’ll be playing with SQL Injection – the OWASP #2 vulnerability.

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IIS Media Services 3.0


We just released IIS Media Services 3.0, a set of extensions for Internet Information Services 7 (IIS) that provide an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform. 

This includes the new IIS Live Smooth Streaming and the separate IIS Advanced Logging package. 

In addition, we released the beta of the Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit, which allows developers to easily create Smooth Streaming experiences using Silverlight.   Supported features include PlayReady, DVR controls, instant replay, slow motion, multiple camera angles, alternate audio tracks, content protection, ad integration, in-stream data feeds, and more.

Since April, 2009, key broadcasters around the world have used beta versions of IIS Media Services 3.0 to successfully broadcast some of the world’s premier live events.

These include the Tour de France and the Roland Garros 2009 International French Open Tennis Tournament on France Télévisions; the IAAF Athletics World Championships and FINA Swimming World Championships on both France Télévisions and RAI; the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 on RAI; and Champions League Soccer on BSkyB; as well as events such as the Michael Jackson Memorial on Sympatico/MSN inMusic and SKY News.

In a combined effort with Microsoft, NBC Sports and others, Wimbledon Live delivered more than 6,500 minutes of live and on-demand Smooth Streaming video via a high-definition (HD), interactive online video experience.  Each Sunday this Fall, NBC and Microsoft are broadcasting Sunday Night Football on-line in HD, utilizing live DVR controls, multiple camera angles, slow motion, ad integration, analytics, and other cutting-edge features.  26 such trial deployments are currently highlighted on the Smooth Streaming Showcase.

What’s available now:

With this release, the key elements of the IIS media server platform now include:

· Smooth Streaming, adaptive streaming of media over HTTP

· Live Smooth Streaming, for live adaptive streaming of broadcast events

· Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit, for creating custom clients

· Bit Rate Throttling, meters the speed that media is delivered to a player

· Web Playlists, secure sequencing of media content

· Advanced Logging, with real-time client- and server-side logging

· Application Request Routing (ARR), providing HTTP proxying and caching

Download the latest IIS Media offerings

You can download all of the IIS media server platform components, and the Smooth Streaming PDK, using the Web Platform Installer button on the IIS Media page (

Key new features:

See these blog posts to learn more about the key new features that are part of this release:

· IIS Live Smooth Streaming:

· IIS Advanced Logging:

· IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit – Beta 1:

Give the IIS Media server platform a try, and let us know what you think on our Forum.

Write ASP.NET without Web Forms or MVC !

Some time ago I tweeted [ Follow Me ] that you could write ASP.NET applications without using Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC

Frameworks are a convenience !  Web Forms, MVC, Cake, Symphony, etc.

So what if you want to use the power of the .NET framework, but want complete control over the client code and don’t want to be forced to use the MVC pattern.

No Problem – ASP.NET and Web Forms are not synonymous !!

Look at these 2 “Hello World” applications.

PHP Hello World

   1: <html xmlns="">

   2: <head>

   3:     <title></title>

   4: </head>

   5: <body>

   6:   <?php

   7:     echo ("This is a test !");

   8:   ?> 

   9: </body>

  10: </html>

ASP.NET Hello World.

   1: <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

   2: <html xmlns="">

   3: <head runat="server">

   4:     <title></title>

   5: </head>

   6: <body>

   7:     <% Response.Write("This is a test !"); %>

   8: </body>

   9: </html>

On the ASP.NET side, I could include YUI or jQuery and still use ASP.NET controls if I wanted or not use any server side controls and even turn off view-state.

If you don’t have call response.write you can even use the short hand …

<%= "This is a test !" %>

I can still code to the page lifecycle events if I want, or, code for top-to-bottom execution as seen above !

Form and Query String Variables are all accessible via the request object (and tons of other stuff)

Give it a try !

Did you know there is an ASP.NET Channel on IRC ?


Are you an IRC user ? It a real-time chat with dozens of your friends.

About 2 years ago an ASP.NET developer started an ASP.NET chat channel on the FreeNode IRC network. 

There are currently between 60 and 70 people in the channel on a given day and still growing.

You can use this link to visit:

But you will probably want a real IRC client.

I’m currently using HydraIRC which you can find [ HERE ]

If you stop by, say hi to me at “MisfitGeek”.

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  Some time ago I posted about JavaScript being inevitableOver the last couple of weeks I’m been writing some web security related videos and writing some DOM based hacking examples.

In the course of that I picked up Murach’s JavaScript and DOM Scripting training and reference. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from a Murach’s book !!! 

It’s simply a complete guide to writing JavaScript with a practical guide to not only “doing” JavaScript but manipulating the DOM and CSS.

It’s great to read a book that continues to have value after you’ve read it cover to cover.

I now have a stack of Murach’s books on my desk 🙂 and this one is proving to be very useful, not only for the security stuff I’m doing but as I’m diving deeper into ASP.NET MVC and writing more client side code.

Hope you can check it out.

SQL Azure Explorer for Visual Studio

I found a cool project on CodePlex that I wanted to share with you.

SQL Azure Explorer for Visual Studio lets you work with SQL Azure inside Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

It tries to mimic the ordinary Server Explorer.


Current Features:

SQL Azure Explorer which contains:


Tables with columns

Views with columns

Stored procs with parameters

Functions with parameters

Context menues for:

Open Sql Editor Window

Select Top 100 Rows

Script as CREATE for all tables, views, stored procs and functions

SQL Editor Window with built in:

SQL Execute

Off line parser

Script formater

Get it here –