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This month the PDF version is FREE !

There are SEVERAL articles for Developers working on the Microsoft Platform !

Installing PHP on Windows

by Hank Janssen and Pierre A. Joye

The Windows version of PHP has always lagged behind the other platforms in terms of features and stability, however, the situation has improved drastically during the last six or so months, with PHP on Windows reaching feature parity with other platforms. Developing with PHP on Windows is now easier than ever and, in some cases, has resulted in important PHP innovations. Learn how you can set up a development environment to compile and develop PHP on Windows within minutes.

Introduction to Silverlight and the HTML DOM

by Joe Stagner

This article is intended to serve as an introduction to Microsoft Silverlight for developers that are probably not .NET developers. Learn how to get started integrating your PHP apps with the Silverlight features.

Configure and Optimize PHP on Windows

by Ruslan Yakushev and Hank Janssen

It has been pretty hard in the past to figure out how to install and configure PHP on Windows. Additionally, when you did get it installed, finding information on how to optimize PHP was even harder to find. Due to the recent work done by the PHP Community and Microsoft, doing exactly that is now easier than ever.

Getting Started with the SQL Server Driver for PHP

by David Sceppa

Microsoft recently produced a PHP extension to communicate with SQL Server 2005 and 2008 databases, the SQL Server Driver for PHP. This article will cover the basic workings of this new extension, demonstrating how to connect to SQL Server, execute queries, retrieve results and manage transactions.


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Developing UI for Microsoft Surface


I’m a huge Microsoft Surface Fan.

Jennifer Marsman just completed a blog series on developing for the Surface complete with embedded videos.

Click on the links to check them out.

Surface Development Part 1: What is the Microsoft Surface?

Surface Development Part 2: Surface Controls

Surface Development Part 3: ScatterView

Surface Development Part 4: Reacting to Physical Objects

Surface Development Part 5: Futures and Resources

The combinations of technologies (multi-touch, rfid, etc.) make for very interesting UI innovations.

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Podcast – Episode -The Future of Web Forms

Download Now !

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Episode #1 – Scott Hunter on the future of ASP.NET Development with Web Forms

Scott Hunter is a Senior Program Manager Lead on the ASP.NET Team and, along with his team drives much of ASP.NET.

In this session we talk about the future of Web Forms, how Web Forms compares with ASP.NET MVC, how YOU can influence the ASP.NET futures and much, much more.

Resources ……

I’m still getting the hang of it all and I don’t have audio engineers, production staff, or SPONSORS !

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Podcast – Julie Lermon on Learning The Entity Framework

Episode  – Julie Lermon on Learning The Entity Framework

In this episode The Misfit Geek talks with Data Expert Julie Lerman on leanring LINQ to Entities and the Entity Framework. .

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New How-Do-I Video Posted on

5-26-2009 9-56-41 AM

How to use the AJAX Control Toolkit to create a new custom AJAX Control Extender.

Hope you enjoy !


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FireAtlas – Firebug for ASP.NET Ajax !


I think probably every web developer on the planet knows about Firebug,

Laurent Chesnais has created a very cool Firefox extension for ASP.NET AJAX Developers.

It has features for ….

  • PageRequestManager events tracing
  • WebService calls tracing and inspection
  • Partial Update inspection within Firebug Net Panel
  • More to come!And… It’s FREE ![ Click HERE to Get It ! ]
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  • clip_image002_thumb

    Security in applications becomes more and more important.

    To date Microsoft has provided some great SDL resources.

    But one consistent request has been for some Visual Studio Integration for SDL.


    Introducing the Microsoft SDL Process Template.


    The SDL Process Template is a free downloadable template for Visual Studio Team System that integrates the SDL directly into your software development environment. Since it’s a TEAM tool and it integrates with the team and process features of Team System, you do need a Team Foundation Server to manage your work.

    The SDL Template provides the foundational components of the SDL for every phase of development.

    If you do not currently use Visual Studio Team System, and want to try the SDL Process Template, evaluation versions in both VPC and Hyper-V dev environments are available for download.

    You can upload the SDL Process Template into that virtual environment and check it out for yourself.

    Be safe out there !!!

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    Book – ASP.NET MVC QUICKLY from Packt Publishing!


    If you read my blog you know that I’m a Web Forms guy.

    ASP.NET MVC is cool, fun, HIP even, but I’m going to keep working with Web Forms.

    Still, I need to know about all the web stuff we build at Microsoft, so I’m doing some reading about ASP.NET MVC (even if only to improve my arguments with our MVC guy Stephen Walther 🙂 )

    The KEY to this book is “Quickly”

    Without the appendices the book is 191 pages. But there is allot of information in those 191 !

    Appendix A is a reference application.

    Appendix B deals with Testing and a Mock Framework

    Appendix C is all recourses !

    One of the nice thing about Packt is that they don’t publish “definitive guide”. Packt is to publishing as is Sniper to Military.

    I highly recommend this a an ASP.NET MVC jump start.

    [ Click here to get the book at ]


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    I’m updating my recommended books on www.ASP.NET

    Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating all me recommended books on the ASP.NET website.

    If you are an author or a publisher of a book that you would like me to consider, please contact me via this link

    PLEASE NOTE – these book recommendations on are NOT “listings.

    I only recommend books that I actually have in hand and that I deem “recommendation worthy.”

    All suggestions are welcome !

    Seven new AJAX Videos on

    I’ve published 7 new AJAX videos.

    3 are on Setting started with VS/VWD 2008 depending on which version of the .NET Framework you are targeting.

    The rest are focused on working with the new controls in today’s update to the Microsoft AJAX Control Toolkit

    Set Up Your Development Environment for ASP.NET 3.5


    Set Up Your Development Environment for ASP.NET 2.0


    Control Extenders


    Color Picker


    Combo Box


    Editor Control


    Editor Control Custom



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