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SQL Data Services – SQL Server in the Cloud !

REALLY distributed architectures are playing a bigger and bigger role in application development these days and Azure is an exciting bit of “Cloud” based technology.

Check out …..

SQL Data Services

Microsoft® SQL Data Services (SDS) offers highly scalable and Internet-facing distributed database services in the cloud for storing and processing relational queries. SDS can help you develop and provision new applications quickly with REST and SOAP based web protocols. The services are built on robust SQL Server database and Windows Server technologies, providing high availability and security.

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Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight v2.0 (PRISM)

The wizards over in the Microsoft patterns & practices group have been at it again and released ….

The Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight v2.0 (PRISM)

Goals of This Release

Prism 1.0 shipped in July 2008 with support for WPF. This release takes the composite line of business scenarios and provides guidance on how to extend the scenario to Silverlight by:

· Providing guidance on building modular and composite Silverlight applications.

· Simplifying the composition of the user interface.

· Providing guidance and light tooling on reusing code between Silverlight and WPF.

Getting Started

The Composite Application Guidance is for building modular applications using WPF or Silverlight. You should consider using the Composite Application Guidance in any of the following scenarios:

· You are building a application that presents information from multiple sources through an integrated user interface.

· You are developing, testing, and deploying modules independently of the other modules.

· Your application will add more views and more functionality over the coming years.

· You must be able to change the application quickly and safely to meet emergent business requirements.

· Your application is being developed by multiple collaborating teams.

· Your application targets both WPF and Silverlight, and you want to share as much code as possible between the two platforms.

The following topics may help in understanding the guidance and how it applies to your scenarios:

· When to use this guidance

· Intended audience

· Evaluating the Composite Application Guidance

· Modularity design concept

· UI composition design concept

Videos and Presentations

Channel 9 videos

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Most fired workers steal data on way out the door.

I’m abut short on time to focus on Developer Security these days but still try to stay informed.

I found this article a bit scary and wanted to share it….

February 23, 2009 (Network World) A survey of 945 individuals who were laid off, fired or quit their jobs in the past 12 months shows that 59% admitted to stealing company data and 67% used their former company’s confidential information to leverage a new job.

That’s according to the "Jobs at Risk = Data at Risk" survey published Monday by Ponemon Institute LLC. The research firm found that 61% of respondents who felt negatively about the company took data, while only 26% of those with a favorable view did. Only 31% of those surveyed said they had "trust" in their former employer to "act with integrity and fairness," 25% were "unsure" and 44% did not have trust.

Click [ HERE ] to read the Computerworld Article

The Microsoft Expression Gallery

You know the Expression Suite !  Tools for building the UI “experience”.

Well know there is a gallery of designs created by YOU !

Check them out here…..

The gallery is currently in BETA – but full functionality will be finished SOON !!

The Microsoft Social Desktop

As the line between “Web Application” and “Windows Client Application” continues to blur those clever rascals at Microsoft Research have been prototyping a new “Social Desktop

From Microsoft Research …..

The Social Desktop blends the Web and PC by embedding Web oriented sharing inside your desktop,  allowing every document to have the ability to have a backing social URL for sharing without having to upload or copy or move it from it’s natural location. This url provides access not just to the file, but to a built in social experience which includes a rich preview of each item, comments, related items, tags, etc. Whenever friends comment with this social link via the web browser, the conversation is also available directly in Windows, and vice versa.

Are you bring the web to your WPF or Windows Forms application and integrating ASP.NET, WCF, Live or Azure services ?

Write and let me know.

ASP.NET How-Do-I Videos – Why video learning is BEST for some people !

I recently got this from an ASP.NET Developer !

Hey Joe:

I am working through your Ajax SlideShow video and just wanted to let you know these videos are great! Thanks for making them! I try to learn from books and tutorials as much as possible, and I find a lot of books frustrating because they show “snippets” as opposed to building an example step-by-step. Your videos are excellent at that!

Not only did this make my week,  (It’s great when you get to HEAR that your work is helpful and has value) but it highlighted for me what I’ve been thinking for years. People prefer learn different things in ways.

Now that Simon is back from his amazing sabbatical, and I;ve hadled back the day-to-day operation of the ASP.NET and properties, I’m excited to get back to generating content.

So, GUIDE ME ! Email me and tell me how you like to learn and what topics would would find most valuable.

SQL to Europe ?

SQL Server is the power that drives our applications.

I’ve never been to a bad PASS meeting, I’ve also never been to Germany 🙂

I found flights from the American East Coast to Germany for $720

Will I see you there ??

Introducing .NET Shout Out

Kazi Manzur Rashid has recently launched a new Community Site for .NET developers

It’s a categorized, hand picked index of .NET info, which is cool enough, but there is a really interesting aspect.

1.) It’s an ASP.NET MVC application

2.) It’s based on an Open Source project  KiGG (  KiGG was the first starter kit for ASP.NET MVC.

Check it out!

IIS Application Request Routing (ARR)

I’ve been spending  a good deal of time focusing on performance issues lately. When your web properties count annual page views in the BILLIONS, it’s inevitable.

IIS 7 has great, often overlooked, granularity feature to help you hone performance and the IIS team continues to deliver in the performance space.

Check out ARR !

Application Request Routing (ARR) enables Web server administrators and hosting providers and to increase Web application reliability and scalability through rule-based routing and load balancing of HTTP server requests.

With ARR, administrators can optimize resource utilization for application servers to reduce management costs for Web farms and shared hosting environments.

BOOK – Manning WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008

 WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008
Covers Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1!
Arlen Feldman and Maxx Daymon
November, 2008 | 520 pages
ISBN: 1933988223

For a long time I’ve been largely a “web guy”. Not so much by choice but by circumstance, just like I was a main-frame guy in the 80’s.

Full client applications are SO powerful.

IN 2009 I really want to contribute to and, though I’ve done allot of work in Windows Forms, my WPF experience is a bit light and WPF is the future of Windows Client development.

So, needed a book that would “plunge” me back into WPF thinking. Serendipitously, about the same time I was asked about doing a manuscript review for    WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008.

I loved it, as you will tell when you pick up a copy of the book and see my comment on the back cover !!

I read so many books that I can almost guess in advance based on the publisher, series or author how good a book will be and the “In Action” series books are generally great but   WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008 is especially good becuase it is both details and professionally practical.

It does waste paper teaching me how to build fractals or stick drawings in XAML but takes a quickly passed serious approach to getting the reader up to speed to do REAL work.

  • It’s Visual Studio 2008 based so it’s both current and based inside the tools we use to developer WPF applications.
  • It makes comparative references to Win Forms, etc, so it sets content in things we already understand.
  • It has good coverage of the new Layout Mechanism which is different than previous UI technologies.
  • It contains concise coverage or 3D, Transitions, Templates, and Data
  • It relates full WPF on the desktop with XBAP, ClickOnce, and Silverlight
  • It has great “advanced” sections on Interop and Threading based Performance.

Get it here –   WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008

And send me your WPF content suggestions for