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Delphi for PHP Version 2.0

You might know I do ALOT of PHP work on Windows, getting PHP to talk with different finds of .NET objects and COM Objects, etc.

Lately I’ve been prototyping a PHP class to access the ASP.NET Membership and Roles store.

I’m also an IDE junkie and whatever increases my productivity I’m in for !

If you’re a Visual Studio developer, you are used to the productivity of forms based, event driven developers tools (Visual Studio)

We’ll I tried out the first version of Delphi for PHP and liked it, but ….. It was young 🙂

Well 2.0 is the REAL DEAL and I LOVE IT !

And I’m actually working with the 2.1 beta that adds some great features. Yes, the Borland Dev Tools guys are still around and well!

I ran into DavidI (David Intersimone), THE Father of the Developer Community Concept, Anders Ohlsson, and Delphi Product Manager, Nick Hodges where they showed my the cool v.Next features.

They have new 2009 versions of Delphi for .NET and Delphi for Windows as well.

Get a free trial of Delphi for PHP here

Some Geeks have way too much free time on their hands !

OT – My MeMe Turns 5 !

I thought I’d share this while I’m waiting for VS2008 SP1 to Install …….

MeMe (pictures on the right) turned 5 yesterday. She had 3 parties in one day!

(Our morning family celebration, her classmates school party, and dinner at our local Mexican restraint which she chose !)

Code is fun, but producing truly HAPPY children is the important job !

Meet Me at PDC2008 — T-05 Weeks and Counting

It’s getting close!!!!!!

The nature of software development is radically changing.

At PDC2008 Ray Ozzie will lay out Microsoft’s vision for cloud computing and building applications that seamlessly bridge the gaps between PC, Web and mobile devices. 

In our first keynote Ray will talk about the new world of Software Plus Services, with Bob Muglia joining him, to unveil our new Cloud Computing platform.

In a second keynote, Ray will return to talk about building immersive user experiences and introduce Steven Sinofsky, who will give developers a first look at the next version of Windows, Windows

Scott Guthrie and David Treadwell will join Ray and Steven to dive deep on the latest Win32 and .NET platform advances that enable a next generation of user experiences spanning multiple devices, including a look at the latest developments in .NET, Silverlight, “Live Mesh”, and the rest of the client platform.

In keynote three, we turn the microphone over to coders extraordinaire Don Box and Chris Anderson, who will look at Microsoft’s latest technologies through the eyes of working developers.

And finally, in our fourth keynote, Rick Rashid will talk about how Microsoft research is helping to shape the future of computing.

I’ll be spending much of the week in the MS Open Source Area and the OpenSpaces talks !!!

And remember the 160GB PDC2008 hard drive that will be given to every attendee.

The IDA Pro Book by Chris Eagle

This book is OFF THE HOOK !

Wanna REALLY dissect a running application ?

IDA Pro is THE tool of choice for disassembly and the crackers choice because of it’s raw power.

Whether you need to solve a tough runtime defect or examine your application security from teh inside out IDA Pro is a great tool and this book is THE guide for coming up to speed.

From the book description ….

  • Identify known library routines, so you can focus your analysis on other areas of the code
  • Extend IDA to support new processors and filetypes, making disassembly possible for new or obscure architectures
  • Explore popular plug-ins that make writing IDA scripts easier, allow collaborative reverse engineering, and much more
  • Utilize IDA’s built-in debugger to tackle obfuscated code that would defeat a stand-alone disassembler 

    Download Chapter 12: “Library Recognition Using FLIRT Signatures”

  • The PC Decrapifier

    I haven’t tried it yet, but what a great idea !!

    When do we start opening MICROSOFT Stores :)

    This is the recently opened Apple store here in Boston.

    I can’t wait for until the Microsoft store opens, or the Zune Store, or the Windows store 🙂

    One of the very BEST parts of my job is the opportunity to use many of the great developer tools that are out there in the wild !

    Like most of the big controls venders, the kind folks at Component Art keep me up to date with the Web.UI suite !

    I’m hoping to start blogging my walk through Impressions of ALL the tools I get to use, but often I only get to writing a blog post when the company sends me an email with an update !

    I got this yesterday from Component Art.

    ComponentArt is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Web.UI 2008.2. The latest release of the industry’s best performing ASP.NET AJAX user interface framework features three new controls, expanded capabilities of the Grid control as well as accessible output and Section 508 compliance for all Web.UI controls.

    Look at how sexy these UI components are !!!  I love the AJAX support and the increased focus on performance, which is really necessary as folks add more and more ‘Ajaxy” functionality to their applications.

    You can check out the live demos here

    The Official Scoop ……………. 

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    The LAST thing I wanna see at the airport.

    One of my flights to ZendCon08 was delayed 2 hours last week.

    This is the last thing I want to see at the customer service counter where people are all trying to reschedule their connections.

    I was wearing a “Microsoft DevDiv” shirt.

    Not to Windows Team, in the next service pack to all versions of Windows, figure out how to blank the blue  screen after 60 seconds 🙂