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Maarten Balliauw on ASP.NET load balancing and the ASP.NET state server.

Please check out Maarten Balliauw’s great blog posts on ASP.NET State Partitioning and Load Balancing. 

Mono – Miguel made me feel bad.

 I’m still at the Lang.NET Symposium.

I cornered Miguel today to ask him a question about Novell’s Distos.

He said “Joe !!, You always &^%-slap me in your blog.”

I felt bad. My negative opinions about Mono have only been about the IP issues and never about the technology or Miguel.

If you don’t know Miguel, he’s the genius behind The Mono Project, and when I say genius, I mean he’s a friggin’ genius. (Not to mention he’s a super nice guy, the kind you want to come to your dinner party.)

What he was referring to is that I’ve comment in the past about mono as it equates to my personal opinions about Microsoft’s Intellectual Property.

I have been harsh, but Microsoft LIKES Miguel. (I don’t know specifically but I’m sure that Miguel would be working for Microsoft if he choose to.)

In fact, Miguel is one of those rare people in the Open Source community that is an advocate without being a zealot.

What Miguel and a few of his very clever friends have accomplished is truly amazing.

Mono is cool enough. C#, ASP.NET, Winforms in a Cross Platform Way.

More recently, Miguel and Friends and built Moonlight.  Moonlight is an implementation of Microsoft’s SIlverlight for Linux.

So Miguel, at this very moment, I’m downloading the VM on your site for Moonlight.

I’m going to try to confirm with Tomas that Phalanger will run on Mono and build a Phalanger demo, complete with Silverlight that runs on both .NET AND MONO !

…. and I will SHOW both in my spring Open Source Conference Presentations.


If there is a hatchet to be buried, dinner and drinks are on me one night at Mix !

Some of you have noticed 🙂 there are a number of new bloggers on

Some are adding great posts of technical value.

Others are posting less useful information like letting us know that the overslept today.

Thanks to all of you have have emailed me to share your frustrations (ScottGu included.)

I’ve been doing feature planning for some time to add much greater “Social Networking” functionality to including blog and post rating and a variety of related RSS features.

Unfortunately,  developer resources are limited, etc, etc, etc.

In the mean time, if you are a brand new blogger and have noticed that your blog posts are not appearing in the main aggregation, it’s because you made a non technical post and included it in the main feed, and it got some negative attention.

As a compromise, I’ll be manually tailoring the aggregate RSS feed to filter out blogs that are still “learning the ropes”.

Don’t worry if you get filtered, it’s just temporary until the community is ready for you 🙂

To avoid this, simply keep your non-technical posts out of the aggregate feed.

It’s easy to do !

When you write a new blog post, BEFORE YOU CLICK PUBLISH !, hit the advanced options tab and click NO next to “Publish to sites aggregate list.”

The old timers here will love you for it !

This week at the Lang.NET Symposium

It’s very hard to attend an event on-campus.

Though my job is based in Redmond, I live in New England.

Coming in for an event, there are too many people to meet with, friends to bump into, things to catch up on, and regular work to get done (Not to mention the first couple days of Jet Lag)

Still, I’ve been spending most of my days at the Lang.NET Symposium.

Lang.NET is a small event (there are about 75 people in the room as I write this) filled with a who’s who of Programming Languages.

Yesterday I sat next to Anders Hejlsberg while listening to Jason Zander’s Opening Keynote.

Then Anders gave us a tour of cool new stuff in C# 3.0

Jim Hugunin (Jython, JPython, AspectJ, IronPython) gave a cool talk titled “Vision of the DRL) where he did a bit of Real Time Robotics programming using Microsoft Robotics Studio, Lego Robots, and Iron Python (not to mention a few balloon animal tricks !)

Then, we had Martin Malay on implementing a language that Targets the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

Charles Nutter (The JRuby Guy)  and John Rose (VM Guy at Sun) talked about multiple language implementation on the Java VM

Today’s highlights (so far) have included Erik Meijer talked top us about his recent project, Volta !

As I look around the room I see some great faces too.

Miguel de Icaza (The MONO and Moonlight guy!) is here and presenting tomorrow.

Tomas Petricek (The Phalanger Guy) is presenting later today.

John Lam (The IronRuby guy) is presenting tomorrow.

So will Luke Hoban who will present on F#

And just to add some icing on the cake….

Don Box has the last talk of the day on Modeling and Languages.

It sure is a hard room to feel smart in 🙂 – New Blogger Feed Growth

Growing an on-line community is hard.

At we spend LOTS of time thinking about how to continue to grow the ASP.NET community and continue to add value.

One of the necessary factors in growing an on-line community is to add members and recently we’ve added about 150 bloggers.

There have been some mixed reactions to this growth. Many folks are glad to see the ASP.NET blog ecosystem finally adding new bloggers.

Still, a few folks long for the older, quieter feeds 🙂

The first thing that I encourage you to consider is that “new blogger glut” will soon subside. The enthusiasm  of all the new bloggers is great and many folks are posting away like crazy. It takes time to become an effective blogger, figuring out what kinds of things people find useful and what they don’t.

Natural selection will tailor the aggregate feed according to the wishes of the community at large in a short time.

What’s more, MANY of the new bloggers are developers of significant accomplishment who will, as their “real jobs” afford them the time to do, add very useful information to the growing knowledge base at

If you really don’t want “new blogger” posts in your feed from you can do this……

If you do this, don’t forget to visit the home page so that you can start to pick out the new bloggers that you do want to subscribe to.

Also, you can get the “new bloggers at” in a separate feed here.


New Bloggers – You don’t HAVE to include your posts in the general feed.

Set the Aggregate List option to “No” on your post and it won’t appear in the site’s aggregate feed.

In the long term, I’m working of a collection of interesting options for tailoring feeds.

But… I need your help !

  • Start by linking to the blogs that you read or like from your own blog or web page.
  • Feel free to start with mine at 🙂
  • Use whatever social networking link rating mechanism you like to link to good posts ! (Digg, etc.)
  • Add comments to the posts that are useful to you. (Both activities will provide use with useful statistics)
  • Email me your suggestions

Some of the things I’m considering for helping the best blogs bubble to the top.

  • Member rated “Best Posts” Feed and Page
  • Member Rated “Best Blogs” Feed and Page
  • Keyword  / Tag  Filtered Feeds
  • A Member “My Feeds” feature (an aggregate of the feeds you choose.)
  • A “Share Your OPLM List (Like Amazon Lists)

In addition to emailing me your suggestions about how to implement the best feed options on our site(s), please respectfully help educate the new bloggers on how to become GREAT bloggers. They have decided to start blogging because they WANT to contribute. It would be a shame to scare them away with the rudeness that sometime accompanies on-line frustrations.

Example: Don’t tell them, “your code sucks”, take a few minutes to post your “improvements” or comment on what you think might make the code better.

Also, remember what you think sucks might be exactly what someone else needed.

Growth is always a bit painful, but in this case it’s a “chicken or the egg” type question. To increase the VALUE (which is our goal) we need to grow the community, as we grow the community, we need to tailor the quality, but we need to do it as a community.

I hope folks with strong opinions will share them with me  I’m really hoping 2008 is a year where we collaboratively take Microsoft online communities to a new level of value for all of us.

I’m here…. I’m listening !

Northwind for SQLExpress

Some time ago we had Scott Mitchell create THIS GREAT SET OF DATA ACCESS TUTORIALS

I’ve had lots of requests to record video versions of Scott’s tutorials. (Scott already did all the hard work 🙂

I thought you all would prefer this I use SQLExpress which does not come with SQL Express.

You can get SQL Express here:

To get Northwind for SQL Express…..

1) Navigate to the following URL and click the Download button –

2) Complete the download and install process. This places the necessary files for Northwind (and Pubs) into the “c:\Sql Server 2000 Sample Databases” folder.

3) Open a command window. (Go to Start, Run, type Command and click OK)

4) Change the directory to the sample databases (type:  cd c:\SQL Server Sample Databases)

5) Type or paste the following into the command window replacing computerName with the actual name of your computer:

   osql -E -S computerName/SqlExpress -i instnwnd.sql

6) now go to VS and create a data connection using the computerName\sqlexpress as the Server name in the Add Connection dialog. The Northwind database should now be available.

Or, you can just drag Northwind.mdf & .ldf and drop them into your App_Data Folder

Then you’re ready to start the tutorials. (The videos will take me a while 🙂

SplendidCRM 2.0 Free, Open Source, CRM

The collection of free, and commercial open source applications built with ASP.NET continues to grow.

SplendidCRM just released new version. You can modify it using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 and they have downloads with Visual Studio Express projects too !!

Click HERE to check it out.

Setting up Live Writer to Blog on

I’ve added 150 new bloggers to the ASP.NET community since yesterday morning and many folks have asked me how to set up Windows LiverWriter to work with their new blog.

First, go to the “Get Live” site and click on the “Get it Free’ button.

When you see this dialog – click RUN.

Then, click run AGAIN !

Then Accept this 🙂

Choose the “Live” features that you want to install INCLUDING Writer !

Installation start automatically after you click “Add to Installation”

Choose “I already have a weblog set up” and click NEXT

Select “Another weblog service” and click NEXT.

Enter your weblog URL (the one I mailed to you) and your username and password.

Then click NEXT

Set the weblog type to “Community Server”

Set the remote posting URL to

Click yes to test if you like – sometimes this fails, but it’s no big deal.

Seta name for Liver Writer to use for your blog.

This is especially useful if you keep multiple blogs.

Write a test blog and click on “Publish”

POOF ! You are now ready to share your genius with the whole ASP.NET Community !!


Keith Brown Teaching Applied .NET Feb 12-15 in NYC

Wanna jump-smart your .NET expertise ?

Keith is one of those rare smart guys who can also communicate !

Course: Applied .NET 3.0 with Keith Brown

When: February 12-15th, 2008

Where: MicroTek facility Broad St. New York, NY

Cost: Special Microsoft Rate – $2,395 (hotel accommodation not included)

Register: 781.749.9238 or, Bill Williams (Pluralsight)


· Windows Communication Foundation

o Programming WCF

o Hosting and activation

o Contracts

o Bindings and behaviors

o Security, reliable messaging, transactions

· Windows Cardspace and Federated Identity

o Claims-based systems and ADFS

o Cardspace-enabling a web site or service

· Windows Workflow Foundation

o Programming WF

o Developing activities

o Runtime and services

o Persistence and tracking

o Communications

· Windows Presentation Foundation

o Programming WPF

o Controls and layout

o Graphics and templates

o Data binding

Summary Outline:

Who should attend:

Experienced .NET developers who are new to .NET 3.0 and want to ramp-up quickly.

Prerequisites: Experience with .NET Framework 2.0. In addition, the labs are written in C#, so a reasonable comfort level with C# will be very helpful.

Next steps:

For additional information, or to register to attend, please contact Bill Williams (Pluralsight) 781.749.9238 or

Get a Blog on ASP.NET

Just make your request here –