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Cool job in LA.

I get approached about jobs all the time, I very seldom post them on my blog, but this one sounded really cool.


It’s IN LA, and it’s a funded startup in the Social Networking space.


Company Info:

The client is an entrepreneurially driven, independent venture that is launching a new, web-centric model for the distribution of all manner of entertainment products — DVDs, CDs, videogames and books, both in shrink-wrapped and digital form.  It is being architected on a rich Internet application software platform and is expected to offer a million-title deep library of product as well as a range of exclusive products from A-level talent.  The site combines commerce and social networking elements to support a model that feeds into people’s natural behaviors to talk and proselytize about the artists, films, games and books about which they are most passionate.  Our client is advised by the brightest and most influential minds in the technology and entertainment space including former employees of Creative Artists, Idealab!, AOL, Gap and many others.


Job Description:

Work as the lead developer of the core engineering team to design and develop new applications and features from the ground up. Primarily responsible for developing within a .NET environment and developing code given product design and user interaction specifications.



  • 6-8 years experience as a developer
  • Strong knowledge of C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio
  • Solid foundation in n-tier, Business Objects, Design Patterns and OOP
  • Experience with Agile Software Developer (including Extreme Programming)
  • Experience with Biztalk, Commerce Server and IIS6 highly desired
  • Strong knowledge of web service (SOA, WSDL, SOAP)
  • Must be a driven self-starter that is comfortable working in a start-up environment and seeing the “BIG” picture
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Quick learner and can-do attitude
  • Comfortable working in a casual fun environment desiring a competitive salary and great benefits!


Candidates MUST have hands-on expertise in architecting, prioritizing, analyzing, and developing a technical roadmap for a large consumer Internet company.   Must have prior experience in a major ecommerce, search, social network, and community building Internet site in a hands-on technical role.


The client is led by veteran Internet and Entertainment entrepreneurs and is backed by a leading venture capitalist.


If you’re interested DON’T EMAIL ME !!!!


Email Matt at

Migrating from Classic ASP to ASP.NET

A few links for migrating from Classic ASP to ASP.NET came through my inbox and I though some folks might find them usefull.








You gotta give Miguel de Icaza credit.

As a Microsoft shareholder I’ve been opposed to Mono.

Not as technology, but as theft of Microsoft’s Technology. [Personal opinion, not a statement of Microsoft’s Position.]

Now, before the attack start – just Google Me. I’m as active in Open Source Developer Technologies as I am in Closed Source.

For developers who seek to actively avoid Microsoft technology, I respect their choice, so (and ESPECIALLY where Mono is concerned.)

  1. Stop being mad at Microsoft for choosing not to ship products on Linux.
  2. Do YOUR OWN thing on Linux or cross-platform, but don’t try to do OUR thing on Linux.

So, philosophically, I think Mono is both theft and hypocritical.

(Ok, NOW you can attack.)

But, politics aside – you really gotta give Miguel de Icaza big credit. He’s keeps doing really significant stuff.

Gnome (of which he’s the co-founder) kicks butt and has surpassed KDE as the popular Linux Desktop, Mono, whatever one thinks of the politics, is significant (and amazing when you consider the size of the development team), and NOW………


Quite an accomplishment.

Microsoft Project Code Names ?

Ever wonder what that new project name at Microsoft stands for ?

Ever get confused about what something you learned about “turned into” at release time.

There is a Wikipedia page !!

ASP.NET AJAX Shorthand Syntax


Did you know that ASP.NET AJAX include these shorthand notations for commonly used commands ?



Shortcut to Sys.UI.DomElement.getElementById – gets a reference to the DOM element, same as document.getElementById




Shortcut to Sys.Application.findComponent


Shortcut to Sys.Application.Component.create

$addHandler(FormElement, EventName, HandlerMethod) 

Shortcut to Sys.UI.DomEvent.addHandler


Shortcut to Sys.UI.DomEvent.clearHandlers


Shortcut to Sys.UI.DomEvent.removeHandler

XML Editing Tools in Visual Studio

RIAs mean passing data around and XML is one of the big flavors for doing this.


Here is some good information on using them. Browser Add-In for Visual Studio 2005

Do you find great samples on ?

This cool utility for VS 2005 lets you browse Code Project directly in Visual Studio 2005. When you click on a link that would normally download a zip file, it asks you instead if you’d like to open the sample up using the Code Project Browser. If you say yes, the add-in will download the file, unzip it to a base “My documents\My Code Project Samples” directory, then load it directly. It also provides a sidebar where you can view, reload and delete all of the projects you’ve downloaded. Finally, it allows you to keep Code Project favorites, just like any respectable web browser would.

Javascript Debugging with Visual Studio 2008

Kirk has an interesting blog post on debugging Javascript (from a PHP page no less) in Visual Studio 2008 here:

ASP.NET AJAX Postback Event Validation

In my video “How Do I Use the Cascading Drop Down Control Extender”  I demonstrate setting EnableEventValidation=”false” at the page level and mention that you can leave the default (which is true) and individually authorize client event.

Since I’ve had a number of email about this, I thought I’d comment on the issue here.

It turns out that it’s actually a bit tricky in the case of using the Cascading Drop Down Control Extender when the Drop-Down values are dynamic. (Meaning they come from a data-source where items might be added after your code is written.)

The reason is that you need to SPECIFY what values are valid for the post-back.

Example, in the Render or Pre-Render methods you could:

   ClientScript.RegisterForEventValidation( _MyList.SomeUniqueID, “Red”);

   ClientScript.RegisterForEventValidation( _MyList.SomeUniqueID, “Green”); 

   ClientScript.RegisterForEventValidation( _MyList.SomeUniqueID, “Blue”);

The issue here is the “Red”, “Green” etc.

Of course, you could pull them from the database at runtime and call RegisterForEventValidation for each value.

Rather than write about all the details I’ll point you to a pair of excellent blog postings by K. Scott Allen over at

Read HERE:


Thanks Scott! Good stuff !

Silverlight Changes from Beta to RC

These documents provide a list of new features, changes or enhancements that have been made to Silverlight since the Silverlight 1.0 Beta release (MIX release May 2007).

In addition, they provide a list of “breaking changes” which are changes that you might need to make in applications that you created using the Silverlight 1.0 Beta to make them compatible with the RC release.