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Silverlight Resources, Articles and Tutorials

We recently hired prolific author Jesse Liberty to be “The Silverlight Guy” on the team.

 He’ll have a Microsoft blog soon but in the mean time, here is a good list of Silverlight Resources

Programming Resources, News and Ideas: What is Microsoft Silverlight? Silverlight Resources, Articles and Tutorials.

My JSON Editor

No, not MINE, actually Thomas Frank’s.

After searching and not finding a JSON Editor that met his needs, he wrote his own called “My JSON Editor”.

Ceck it out here:


System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Beta 2 is Here

I’ve been working with VPC’s lately.

I’m working on complex multi-machine demos and will need to bae able to do them on a single machine and so VPC is the way to go.

This new app will let you create a VPC from a working hard drive image.

I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll let ou know how it works out.

Force an UpdatePanel Update from JavaScript

The ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel gets updated in one of 3 ways.

1.) An implicit control event triggers an update (that is a control inside the UpdatePanel is getting updated, etc.)

2.) The UpdatePanel has a <Triggers> Collection, and one of the defined triggers gets fired.

3.) The UpdatePanel’s Update metod is explicitly called in the course of some server side logic.

BUT…….  What if I want to explicity trigger an update to the UpdatePanel from my client side JavaScript code ???

Ceck out his link on CodeProject for a solution.