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Webcast Thursday – Build Your Own Forums !!!

AnnounceForumWebCastLife From Redmond Webcast TOMORROW !

Join me with Todd Anglin from Telerik as Todd demonstrates building your own custom Forums application from scratch using Telerik RAD Controls.

He says he’ll do it in 60 Minutes !!!

[Click HERE to register for the webcast.]

Getting ReorderList Item Values

I customer email me asking how to iterate the values of items in the AJAX Control Toolkit ReorderList Sample.

Thanks to Shawn Burke for the hints. 

Here is how you get to them.

Assuming an Item template that includes 2 label controls…..


    1     Protected Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click

    2         Dim l1, l2 As Label

    3         Dim i, max As Integer


    5         Label3.Text = “”

    6         max = ReorderList1.Items.Count – 2

    7         For i = 0 To max

    8             l1 = CType(ReorderList1.Items(i).FindControl(“Label1”), Label)

   09             l2 = CType(ReorderList1.Items(i).FindControl(“Label2”), Label)

   10             Label3.Text = Label3.Text + ”  “ + l1.Text + ”  “ + l2.Text + “<br />”

   11         Next i

   12     End Sub

ASP.NET Membership Admin without Visual Studio

I found this somewhere out on the web – my apologies to the original author as I didn’t record it’s origin.

Using the default ASP.NET 2.0 Membership (AspNetSqlMembershipProvider) you can modify config settings and add/remove users from the Visual Studio IDE if you are running it locally or FrontPage Server Extensions are installed and you are connected remotely to the site.

If you want to use the ASP.NetWebAdminFiles web interface without Visual Studio, as I recently did, then here is what you do.

FYI: Only do this if you are careful and for the right purposes, since you are exposing some administration capability.

1. Create a virtual directory that points to the web admin files.
This is what I did:

VirtualDirectory: ASP.NetWebAdminFiles
MappedTo: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ASP.NETWebAdminFiles

2. Modify the properties of the virtual directory so that it is running under ASP.NET 2.0. (Properties > ASP.NET)

NOTE: if you are running 1.1 and 2.0 applications on the same server or site, you may have to set up a separate application pool for the 2.0 sites. If you get the notice, “Application Unavailable” then that is why.

3. While you are there, remove anonymous access to that virtual directory.

4. After that, you will be able to connect to the web admin tools using the following url syntax


in my case, it is:

NOTE: Although it isn’t recommended, if you want to access web admin tool from a different/remote computer, then open the WebAdminPage.cs file from the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ASP.NETWebAdminFiles\App_Code directory and comment the following code block:

if  (!application.Context.Request.IsLocal) 
   SecurityException securityException = new SecurityException((string)HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject(
                                                                        “GlobalResources”, “WebAdmin_ConfigurationIsLocalOnly”));

   WebAdminPage.SetCurrentException(application.Context, securityException);

The web admin tool will still be protected to some degree by the Integrated Windows Authentication.

NOTE: If while trying to update user information you get the following error:

Failed to update database “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myapp\App_Data\ASPNETDB.MDF” because the database is read-only.

Then the NETWORK_SERVICE account does not have read/write access to the MDF file that is being used to store the user information.

PHP Tek Session Materials

PHP Tek in Chicago was a blast (except for getting there!)

The folks from PHP Architect allays put on a great show and of all the conference that I do, theirs are at the top of my list.

Because I’ve had so many requests – here are links to my PowerPoint Decks for my Keynote Address and my Break-out Session.

PHP & Microsoft


Please feel free to email me with any questions !

Codswallop » The Freelancer’s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly NeedCool web appls collection, check it out.

A complete list of Ajax Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits

I’ve compiled a nearly complete list of Ajax Frameworks and Libraries. I intend to test as many as I can and post the results here. (I’ll test the commercial one I can get a license for.) If I missed any, if you have any suggestions, or you work on any of these projects – please feel free to email me via the contact form.

AccessKey Active Widgets Aflax
Ajax AC Ajax CFC AJAX Engine
Ajax Tags AjaxAnywhere
AjaxGear Toolkit AjaxRequest AJForm
APHPLix Aspects aSSL
Authentico Backbase Bajax
Behaviour Bindows CakePHP
Crossvision Dojo DOMApi
DPSyntax Hilighter DWR Echo2
Engine Flash Object Flexible Ajax
Fresh Logc Gaia Widgets Google – GWT
Java BluePrints Jquery Jsan
JTQJSPaging JWic Laszlo
LibXMLRequest Microsoft Ajax Mochikit
Moo Ajax Moo.fx Nexaweb
Nifty Corners Nitobi Overlib
PlexTk Protptype qForms
Qooxdoo Rialto Rich Web Client
Rico / Open Rico RSLite SACK
Sajax Sardalya Sarissa
ScriptCoreLib Sarmal Scriptaculus
SmartClient Solvent Spry – Adobe
Symfony Taconite Tacos
ThinWire ThyApp Tibco General Interface
Toxic TurboGears Visual Web GUI
WebORB WebWork WZ_DragDrop
WZ_jsGraphics X Xajax
XHConn XHRConnection XOAD
Xwire Yahoo – YUI Zephyr
Zimbra ZK Zoop

Click here for the detailed list with links to each, license type, and basic technology !!

Slick(Edit) Blog

I’m a SlickEdit Fan ……


The team over at SlickEdit have started a blog  and begun posting some interesting stuff.


The blog is located here:


Here is a sampling of some of the initial posts.


*  VSIP: Detecting code window switches in VS 2005


*  do { … } while (false);


*  How to Write an Effective Design Document


*  What is a Power Programmer?


*  Is Your Editor Working Hard Enough?


*  Key Binding, Command, Menu: The Golden Triangle

Windows Vista Beta about to Expire !

On May 31, 2007, pre-release versions of Windows Vista will expire. If you are running a pre-release version of Windows Vista (Beta 2, RC1, or RC2) you will begin to receive notifications about the upcoming expiration on May 18, 2007. To avoid work disruption and the loss of data, it is strongly recommended that PC users running any of these pre-release versions of Windows Vista migrate their PCs to the final version of Windows Vista prior to May 31.


To install the final version of Windows Vista on any of these pre-release versions of Windows Vista, you may purchase the desired Windows Vista Upgrade. The Windows Vista Upgrade must be the same language version as the pre-release version you are replacing.


If you participated in the Customer Preview Program, you have been using a pre-release version of Windows Vista Ultimate. Windows Vista Ultimate is the most complete edition of Windows Vista—with the power, security, and mobility features that you need for work, and all of the entertainment features that you want for fun.

A comparison of AJAX Libraries & Frameworks

I’m working on a compariosn of AJAX libraries and frameworks.

Is there any other that you care about that’s not in this list. 

Please comment with other libraries, or if you use one of these, what you like and don’t like about them.


Microsoft Ajax –


Java BluePrints –


Protptype –


Scriptaculus –


Laszlo –


GWT – –


Yahoo –


Active Widgets –


Tibco General Interface –


Visual Web GUI –


Dojo –


Backbase –


SmartClient –


Nitobi –


JackBe –


Zimbra –


Rico –


Spry –


Aflax –




Moo.fx –


Mochikit –


Xajax –


Nexaweb –

Education Priority in the USA ?

Nintendo spent $140 Million in R& D in 2002.

The US Government spent less than half that much in research and innovation in education.