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FACTIOD : The USA’s poor Internet Access !

The USA is only 20th in the world in broadband penetration. (Luxembourg just surpassed us.)

WEBCAST TOMORROW : Live From Redmond: Ajaxifying ASP.NET 1.0 with NetAdvantage

We can all agree that Microsoft’s ASP.NET AJAX Extensions rock, but the requirement for ASP.NET 2.0 can certainly be an AJAX roadblock for some.   

For the unfortunate souls stuck in the confines of ASP.NET 1.x, there is good news however.  Infragistics’ NetAdvantage for ASP.NET has AJAX built directly into the web controls, and it can run on all versions of the .NET Framework, even the granddaddy of them all, .NET Framework 1.0.  In this webcast you will learn how to ajaxify your ASP.NET 1.0/1.1/2.0 applications using Infragistics’ NetAdvantage for ASP.NET web controls, particularly the WARP panel.

Presenters: Joe Stagner and Tony Lombardo

Joe Stagner is a Senior Program manager in Microsoft Web Developer Community Team


Tony Lombardo is a Guidasan with the User Experience Group at Infragistics, the world’s leading publisher of presentation layer tools.  Tony has a deep technical background with ASP.NET, and has authored a number of ASP.NET WebControls during his time with Infragistics.  Tony co-runs the Central Jersey .NET  User Group, and often writes for both online and printed publications.




About the Live From Redmond series. This series of Live Meeting presentations are designed specifically for the community by members of the Microsoft product teams. The presentations are all done by actual team members working on the specific technology, and are a great way to hear from and ask your questions directly to the product team.

WEBCAST FOLLOW UP – UpdatePanel and Infragistics’ NetAdvantage for ASP.NET

The winner of the FREE COPY of Netadvantage is Rich Burroughs. 

You can download the code samples here:

What’s the best free Multi-Blogging Engine for ASP.NET

I want to build a community on ASP.NET technology and I need a multi blogging engine.

What are my options.

Community Server IS NOT FREE !

There is NO free version of community server for public facing community sites with moire than 10 blogs.

Please suggest away.

WEBCAST Tomorrow – UpdatePanel and Infragistics’ NetAdvantage for ASP.NET

 Thursday, April 19, 2007 9:00 AM  – 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)


It was once said that nothing is forever – and that may be true.  But in the forever space of technology, some things can be considered forever. In the case of the ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel and the ASP.NET controls in the NetAdvantage toolset from Infragistics, they are forever, or rather, Best Friends Forever.  In this webcast, you’ll learn how the new ASP.NET AJAX capabilities work together with the rich controls toolset from Infragistics – and vice versa.  See how to embed complex grids, charts and other controls from Infragistics in the UpdatePanel, as well as embedding ASP.NET native controls including the UpdatePanel inside the Infragistics already AJAX enabled controls. The end goal is to build rich, interactive applications AND eliminate postbacks – and using the right tools and technologies from Microsoft and Infragistics, this becomes a reality. 
Tony Lombardo and Joe Stagner.



Joe Stagner is a Senior Program Manager on the Web Community team.  

About the Live From Redmond series. This series of Live Meeting presentations are designed specifically for the community by members of the Microsoft product teams. The presentations are all done by actual team members working on the specific technology, and are a great way to hear from and ask your questions directly to the product team. 

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AJAX Grid and Slider Navigation

Every day a few folks send be pages of code and ask be to make it work for them (No Kidding)

Joshua Folkets is a developer that I had dialog with in the past and this we we sent me code for me to USE rather han fix.

What a treat – he just sent to me and said “I thought I’d send you this in case you find someone who might use it.”

And here is a link to the code (use at your own risk) …..

Joshua – You ROCK !

JSON Hijacking and the National Enquirer

A couple of days ago eWeek posted a panic attack here,1895,2110554,00.asp?kc=EWEWEMNL040307EP37A that sensationalized a paper that Fortify published here:

I posted a link to the article yesterday – sort of tung in cheek, but decided to wait until I could refer to more information because folks might not intuit my point.

So let me offer this subtle hint: THERE IS NOTHING NEW HERE !

Security companies market themselves by generating press about their research – fair enough.

Tech Media Companies like eWeek naturally sensationalize to keep their readership flowing (the National Enquirer model of Journalism).

Now, it’s not like I don’t take developer security seriously. I spent about 4 of the past 6 years focused mostly on developer security.

But it’s time we fix the perspective a but. Fortify wants to identify the AJAX venders as the source of these security problems. (And not just Microsoft but basically everyone that makes Ajax Software.)

It’s great that security companies are looking at the rapid adoption of Ajax and calling attention to security issues. But, at the risk of sounding redundant …


HTTP & JavaScript have not changed. The possible programming mistakes have not changed. The defensive development practices that mitigate these risks have not changed. Just some of the buzzwords have been added.

ScottGu has replied here to some of the specific call outs in the above referenced article :

Since it seems like there are still a good number of developers that are not yet up to speed on Web Development security and are particularly interested in how these security challenges relate to doing Ajax style programming…….

I’ve been talking to my old security buddy Mark Brown about resurrecting the “Digital Black Belt” Secure Development Series to do an extended “Developing Secure Web Applications with ASP.NET and Microsoft Ajax”.

Please offer your opinions so that I can gage interest.


Telerik Webcast Demo – Available for Download

Due to popular demand.

Grab the code here …..

CodeGear Announces General Availability of Delphi for PHP

I’ve been using the beta and installed the release version last night.

Check it out…….

Sharing Your Outlook Calendar

I got this today from my former team mate and IT Guru Chris Avis

I do a lot of traveling in my role. As such, it has always been a little cumbersome to let me friends and family know when I am free and not free. In preparation for a session I am delivering tomorrow I made a blog post about the new “Insert Calendar” feature in Outlook 2007 that makes it super simple to share your calendar and availability with anyone….regardless of how they access their email and what client they use.


If you have a hectic schedule like I do, your friends and family will truly appreciate this feature.


Way cool….