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Follow Up – Telerik Codeless Ajax Webcast

Many thanks to the nearly 500 people who attended my webcast with Telerik yesterday.

Todd is working on getting the code for me to post. (Since some of the demo was for an unreleased product he needs to try to find a .dll that we can include.

You can see all the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time for HERE.

You can get the PowerPoint HERE.

AJAX Webcast – STARTING in 90 Minutes …..

The next in the 3rd Party AJAX Web Cast Series is Thursday March 29th

ASP.NET AJAX the Codeless Way: Telerik AJAX Manager in Action


Ever dreamed about a shortcut to building ASP.NET AJAX-enabled applications? One that eliminates the need for writing JavaScript, placing UpdatePanels all over your form, setting dozens of Triggers? Now, wake up and watch carefully, because this is already possible in real world, thanks to a new control from Telerik, called ASP.NET AJAX Manager.

Join us for a practical demonstration led by Todd Anglin, a Telerik Technical Evangelist. First, Todd will build a typical ASP.NET application using third-party controls for the rich UI. This app will perform regular postbacks. Then he will add Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX to the project and use the special Telerik AJAX Manager to turn this into a real AJAX application. Thanks to the Telerik control Todd will not write a single line of code and will not make any modifications to the existing app (no UpdatePanels, no Triggers). Too good to be true, or just too good. Come and see.


My Co-Presenter –  


Todd Anglin is a Telerik Technical Evangelist responsible for building a strong Telerik community and channeling feedback to the development team. Before joining Telerik, he worked as a developer in a Fortune 200 financial services company in San Antonio as a Systems Analyst supporting applications on a wide range of platforms and technologies, including Unix, Windows Server, Informix, Oracle, and SQL Server. Todd graduated Magna Cum Laude with Business Honors from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University with a BBA in MIS and now resides with his wife in San Antonio, Texas.


Event Code: 1032333878

Event Name: Live From Redmond: ASP.NET AJAX the Codeless Way: Telerik AJAX Manager in Thursday – 29-Mar-2007


Please click on the following link for more information regarding this Webcast

Book: Designing Forms for MS Office InfoPath and Forms Services 2007

InfopathIf you work in technology then your probably know that Addison Wesley publishes great books.

InfoPath is a very interesting technology, and one that I think is a little under exposed and documented.

This book is a definitive source for InfoPath power users and developers.

InfoPath is the perfect tool-set for Enterprise developers and power users who need to rapidly develop applications that manipulate their operational data.

This book has great coverage from both perspectives, the power user and the developer.

Make your analysts read the first half and do a user interface prototype (with data constraints and workflow) then you (the developer) can built the final version

Check it out here.

REALLY Inexpensive ASP.NET Web Hosting

One of the cool things about my job is that I get to make friends all over the world.

I met Ruchir when he emailed me as a student looking for inexpensive hosting.

Well, Ruchir had allot of trouble finding what he was looking for and has remembered that experience – so he’s started a small hosting company with really reasonable hosting offers.

ASP.NET Hosting starts at $10.99 a YEAR !

Check it out here:

PHP Quebec – My PowerPoint

PHP Quebec was a blast, apart from having 3 flights canceled due to fog trying to get there, and having to rent a car and drive home due to the snow.

The bad news was that the drive took about 16 hours. The good news was that it only snowed for the first 11  ; but I made it home in time to take my kids to the Disney on Ice show on the weekend.

Anyway – thanks to all the folks who attended the PHP and the Windows Platform session.

Dr. Dobbs issues on-line.


Dr. Dobb’s is one of the longest standing developer magazines.

Read issues on line here.

Pluralsight ASP.NET AJAX Class

Course:           Applied ASP.NET AJAX

When:               April 23-25, 2007

Where:              Microsoft Technology Center, Waltham MA 

Cost:                 Special Microsoft Rate – $2,095

Register:           781.749.9238 or Bill Williams


ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions expose a framework for building richer, more interactive Web applications. This course walks you through the components of ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, asks you to build a number of AJAX-enabled ASP.NET applications, and shows how best to leverage the capabilities of the extensions to make your clients’ experience a richer one.



·         Ajax: Asynchronous XML and Javascript programming

·         Programming Ajax manually

·         The Atlas framework

·         Client-side framework features

·         Client-side Web service proxies

·         Browser compatibility layer

·         Server-side controls and behaviors

·         Atlas control toolkit

·         .asmx support for JSON encoding

·         ScriptManager

·         UpdatePanels

·          Client-side data binding

Summary Outline:


Who should attend:

Developers interested in taking their ASP.NET applications to the next level with Atlas. Improve response times, eliminate tedious post-backs, and enhance your UI with sophisticated DHTML behaviors using an intuitive framework.


Preparing for success:

Experience programming in ASP.NET, and Web development in general, is required.

Next steps:

For additional information, or to register to attend and receive this special discount, please contact Bill Williams (Pluralsight) 781.749.9238 or

Why are airlines such a mess ?

So here I sit in an airport again.

LaGuardia this time in NYC (Ajax World ended yesterday)

Every flight I’ve been scheduled on in the last 2 weeks has been either canceled or delayed. (A total of 7 cancelations.)

Judging by the announcements, there are more late or canceled US Air flights than there are ones that are leaving on (or close to) time.

The “reasons” vary. No crew, maintenance, no plane, bla bla bla.

I wish 2 things.

1.) When the airline screws up and costs me time, they should have to compensate me somehow.

2.) The rest of us should be able to call ouselves if we atain the average performance level of the airlines.

Some of the fun ?

Most of the airline reps seem to have no interest is solving the problems that their company creates, most airlines don’t even HAVE customer service stations in airports anymore. (Or they are only staffed from 9 – 5).

On the up side – the more air trvael hurts the more popular LiveMeeting gets.

Still, it sucks to spend 1/4 of your work week sitting in an airport, looking for a place to plug in your laptop and wishing you were home playing with your children.

Microsoft joins OpenAjax Alliance

Today we announced that Microsoft has joined the OpenAjax alliance.  

The OpenAjax alliance is a group of vendors, open source projects and companies using AJAX that are focused on developing common AJAX standards and ensuring interoperability across different AJAX frameworks, tools and technologies.  Joining the group will help ensure that the Microsoft AJAX Library and ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions integrate well with other AJAX frameworks and server technologies.  

Interoperability has always been a key ASP.NET AJAX deliverable. We made the client-side Microsoft AJAX Library work seamlessly with other server frameworks from the very beginning, and during the beta we went through and renamed several JavaScript classes/functions to avoid collisions with other frameworks (for example: $() to $get() and Sys.Debug). Through the OpenAjax Alliance we will partner with other industry leaders to provide even deeper interoperability in a way that continues to benefit all developers on all platforms.

Bertrand Le Roy from the ASP.NET Team will be representing Microsoft in the organization’s upcoming meetings.  Stay tuned to his blog to stay up to date.

The Best Steak Anywhere !


I happened to get into a conversation at Ajax World with the CTO of a medium sized company with a pretty large infrastructure that is considering moving from Java to .NET

After the days events went up the block from the hotel to Morton’s. The BEST Steak-house in the country (says me  )

The Food is awesome, the service is great, and George is the best bartender on the planet.

Check them out. There are about 35 of them around the country but the Mid-town Manhattan location is my favorite. On 5th avenue, but the entrance is on 45th around Madison.