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JavaScript Encoder

Don’t wanna share your AJAX JavaScript code with any casual browser.

Ceck out this Script Encoder

MS AJAX – Page Methods stop working with RTM Version ?

Set  EnablePageMethods=true on your ScriptManager.


Page method proxies are no longer created by default.

CollapsePanel Extender FLASHING on Page Load ?

This was really bugging me and I guess others as well.

In the forums they thought it was a bug in IE6 (, but I was getting the same behavior in IE6, and Firefox

Setting the Height in the content panel (the collapsable area) to 0 solved the problem for me in IE and Firefox.

<asp:Panel ID=”ContentPanel” runat=”server”

     CssClass=”collapsePanel” Height=”0″>


Anyone who still has IE6 installed, let me kow if you still get the panel “flash” on page load.

Introduction to the PopupControl Extender

Check out this cool article by Brian Mains.

In addition to the titles topic it contains a good description of extender controls.

Introduction to the PopupControl Extender.

The Live From Redmond Webcast …

How Hackers Reverse Engineer and Exploit an ASP.NET AJAX Application is now available for on-demand viewing.

Cick HERE to watch the recording.

ON DEMAND – Live From Redmond: AJAX Security Basics

Live From Redmond: AJAX Security Basics is now avaliable on-demand.

Click HERE to watch.

STARTING in 45 Minutes …..

AJAX Security with live AJAX Hacking Demos

You can still sign up by CLICKING HERE !

Choppy Audio watching How-Do-I Videos ?

Make sure you install the fix at

Thanks to PhilC for the link.

MS AJAX Release Version-element [Anything AJAX] is not a known element.

Earlier this week I was re-writing Scott Guthrie’s ToDo List Atlas demo to work with the release version of MS AJAX and hit an ugly snag.

When using a master page (and ONLY when using a master page, the use of some AJAX controls produced the relatively useless [unknown element] error.

I searched and searched (I even tried Goggle) and found similar issues with Beta and RC versions of MS AJAX but I was using the latest bits and the solutions for the old versions were to use the ATLAS prefix. (A kludge.)

After doing my research I phoned ScottGu (Father of ASP.NET who hired me). It was about 10:00PM EST and Scott is commonly in the office in the evening.

Scott wasn’t in the office, but he “knows everything” so even though I didn’t ;leave a message he phoned me back about 15 minutes later.

I described my problem and, of course he had the answer off the top of his head.

1.) This is only an issue when you have been using an older CTP or Beta version of MS ATLAS and then updated to release bits.

2.) It happens because the schema that intellesence is cached on a per user basis so un-installers can’t really figure out what to un-install in this case because cache locations are not determined by the installer.

3.) HALF of the fix includes installing Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005 / Visual Express

4.) The other half is to explicitly flush the Intellesence cache like this….

– With Windows XP you do this by deleting all files in this directory: c:\Document and Settings\[YourUserName]\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedSchemas

– With Windows Vista you do this by deleting all files in this directory: c:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedSchemas

5.) Restart Visual Studio

Scott’s blog post here has the details.

New Ajax Social Networking addition for Blogs

So I got an emailo from Microsoft MVP Scotte Clark letting me know about this cool (free) service at

Ceck out the the “Ajax Recent Visitors” block furthewr down on this page.