Chris (a developer friend) sent me a message on Twitter today ( @MisfitGeek ). He was trying to explain o his wife why he spends time blogging and wanted some suggestions as to why blogging is worth the time.

Ok Chris, here you go.

1.) Blogging is a great way to get feedback on your code. When you publish code on your blog it’s like a peer code review with hundreds of friends. You can’t help but improve your coding skills and THAT is an investment in your own professional future.

2.) Keeps you learning. It’s easy to get into a rut doing “what you do” which the stuff tat you already know. In the software development business, that’s professional suicide. When you blog you get to explore new technologies and concepts that you are not yet immersed in with your “day job”. You also learn about things like SEO, RSS, etc. Staying current is part of maintaining your market value and especially in the tough current economy, that’s a good thing.

3.) You get your own Crisis Support Team. One person can’t know everything. I can’t tell you the number of hours that I’ve saved by posting some obscure problem on my blog only to have a reader share a solution with me that would have taken me forever to stumble upon by my self.

4.) You blog becomes your own personal information data base. Can’t remember how you solved that problem ? What was the like to that cool gadget ? It’s all saved on you blog. You

5.) You blog is your door to the social network. Find a job, hire a new developer for your team, learn about interesting events. The more popular your blog becomes, the more folks will want you to know about what they have going on.

6.) Make a few bucks. Some folks make lots of money. At the very least you can join the affiliates program and earn yourself a free book a month (or two).

7.) Your blog becomes a source of data. By reading your blog statistic reports you can learn what topics are resonating with people and even things like where in the world your readers are clicking in from.

8.) Your blog becomes your living resume. If you ever find yourself in the job market – your blog can become a strong selling tool for your next employer.

9.) Some developers are a bit anti-social. We’re a community – join the conversation and give something back by sharing your knowledge. Everyone, no matter how junior,  has information of value to share.

10.) It’s simply rewarding. Writing, sharing, learning …..  It’s FUN !